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Tax Credit Scholarships

The tax credit scholarship program was designed to encourage private donations to allow low and middle income children an opportunity to attend a private school of their choice. Under HEA 1003, which was enacted in May 2011, the tax credit scholarship program was expanded and is now a component of the Indiana voucher program.

Scholarships awarded from this program represent the ability for a child who meets the voucher income limits to receive a voucher after having received a tax credit scholarship.

Families who meet the eligibility requirements can apply to certified scholarship granting organizations (SGOs) to receive a scholarship for their child to attend the K-12 public or private school of their choice.

Both corporate and individual donors are eligible to provide charitable donations to these SGOs in order to receive a 50% state tax credit from the state of Indiana, all while providing educational choices to families and opportunities to Hoosier students.

The total program cap is $7.5 million dollars; this could mean up to $15 million in potential scholarships statewide.

Non-Public School Eligibility for the Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Your non-public school is eligible to participate in the tax credit scholarship program if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are accredited by a national, state, or regional accreditation organization approved by the Indiana Department of Education. To see a list of approved accrediting organizations, click here.
  • You administer annual standardized tests, such as the ISTEP+ or another nationally-recognized, norm-referenced standardized test.
  • You do not accept students from a scholarship granting organization (SGO) that is administered by a relative of a school employee or board member.

Participation in the Tax Credit Scholarship Program

To participate in the program, simply establish a relationship with a certified SGO.  In Indiana, there are four approved SGOs: Choice Charitable Trust, Sagamore Institute, School Scholarship Granting Organization of Northeast Indiana, Inc., and The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Indiana, Inc.

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