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School FAQs

Are current private school students eligible for this program?

Current private families are not eligible for the voucher program. However, in 2013 the General Assembly passed legislation that allows current private families to use a tax credit scholarship as long as they meet the income requirements. Using a tax credit scholarship for one year would allow families to apply for a voucher the following school year as long as they meet the voucher program's income requirements.

What if a tax credit child leaves our school?

Scholarships for this program are portable so would follow the child if they moved to another participating school.

Can a donor direct his or her funds to provide scholarships for certain families/children?

No, funds cannot be designated/earmarked for specific children. However, funds can go to a specific school.

Does the tax credit scholarship program serve public schools?

Yes. An SGO can provide scholarships for tuition or fees for children enrolling in public schools outside of their residency so that the scholarship can cover transfer fees. This is up to the SGO and would only be available in those school districts that charge transfer fees.

How can a scholarship granting organization (SGO) be created?

SGOs must organize as an IRS 501(c)(3) organization and apply to the Indiana Department of Education for certification as an SGO to participate.

For more information on establishing an SGO, please contact School Choice Indiana by mail at P.O. Box 441078, Indianapolis, IN 46244-1078, by phone (877) 880-2002 or email.

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