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    A joint-stock packaging company engaged in packaging machinery and logistics machinery manufacturing and sales for many years

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    Product name:YT-JGW1000 Hose Horizontal Wrapping Packaging Machine

    Wrapping Packaging Machine

    LTW series vertical metal belt winding packaging machine is a new type of winding packaging equipment designed and manufactured for the metallurgical industry. It is widely used in copper belts, steel belts, steel coils, aluminum belts, bearings, steel wires, welding wires, cables, and tires. , Hoses and other types of rings

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    ◆ Basic Features:

    The configuration is excellent, and the main components are all well-known brands.
    Use PLC programmable controller.
    Automatic alarm, display fault content in Chinese.
    The operation is simple, the frequency conversion speed can be adjusted, and the overlap of the packaging tape can be adjusted according to the needs.
    The tightness of the packing belt is adjustable.

    Packing in and out method: manual in and out

    ◆ Products Show:
    ◆ Technical Parameters:



    Hose width


    Outer diameter of hose


    Inner diameter of hose


    Packaging Materials

    Reel-shaped PE stretch film W=100mm (or other wrapping materials)

    Ring speed

    v≤60r/min (frequency conversion adjustment)

    Roller height


    Roller bearing


    Overlap range

    Any overlap (adjustable)

    Total power


    Voltage frequency



    About 1500kg

    This machine can be customized according to customer requirements. I automatic conveying and lifting mechanism. Ⅱ External feeding mechanism. Ⅲ Increase, increase Ⅳ Other