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    Analyze the impact of "inflation" on the winding machinery industry

    Analyze the impact of "inflation" on the winding machinery industry

    Since the country began to accelerate the adjustment of the minimum income level, prices have begun to climb. The price of steel that followed in 2011 increased by about 1,000 yuan per ton compared with last year. The price of copper wire motors increased by 25% compared with 2009, and the price of electrical components increased by 20. %, these rising factors and uncertain rising prices have the greatest impact on the winding machine industry.

    China’s newly announced population this year was 1.339 billion, but the increase in the total population did not actually increase the productive labor force. With the development of economy and society, more and more labors are no longer willing to enter the production line, resulting in an embarrassing situation where productivity is weakened on the one hand, and employment is difficult on the other. With the abundant funds in the early stage, he is reluctant to engage in manufacturing. The main reasons are the decline in profits and the increase in labor costs.

    The winding machine industry mainly faces factories and factories with export markets. The impact of the RMB exchange rate and the impact of the economic crisis in established developed countries have caused intensified market competition. In order to upgrade domestic factories and reduce labor, the market has entered a transformation period. The increase in labor costs is also reflected in management costs and insurance. Therefore, more companies are now more willing to increase equipment that can save people or improve work efficiency. , To reduce the labor intensity of workers and increase unit output value. This in turn promoted the development of winding machinery. Due to abnormal competition, the winding machine is "rotten" in the words of the industry. In order to meet the demand for low prices, a large number of production processes and costs have been reduced, resulting in a decline in quality.

    In order to prevent our company from falling into the quagmire of disorderly competition, Shanghai Yite Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. improves product quality and maintains the reputation of packaging machinery products. Taking the road of branding is the only way for the long-term development of an enterprise. The many winding machine manufacturers in China have uneven production equipment, and the big waves are scouring the sand. In the end, the Chinese market will be left with the few manufacturers just like the foreign market.