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    Working principle of winding machine

    Our company is a winding machine manufacturer specializing in winding machines. The company has advanced production equipment and strong technical force.

    As we all know, winding machines are widely used in foreign trade exports, food and beverages, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings and other products, to improve production efficiency, and prevent damage to the goods during the handling process, and protects against dust, moisture and Cleaning function.

    The working principle of the winding machine is to place the wound object in the center of the turntable, start the rotation of the turntable motor, and naturally drive the turntable to rotate, so that the object realizes the peripheral winding film machine. At the same time, the elevator motor is also started, and the winding machine drives the entire assembly of the winding and strapping machine to move up and down to achieve the winding in the height direction of the object, which realizes the winding and packaging of the entire appearance of the object. This not only facilitates the storage, transportation, and packaging requirements of mechanized loading and unloading operations, but also prevents damage to the goods during the handling process, plays a role of dustproof, moisture-proof and cleaning, also reduces production costs and improves production efficiency. In the winding process, the main thing is to adjust the tension of the film and to penetrate the film. Generally, the degree of film tension can be achieved by adjusting the rotation speed of the turntable and the rotation speed of the motor.