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    The development of winding machine manufacturers needs to be improved

    In recent decades, my country's winding machine industry has developed rapidly and has become one of the world's largest winding packaging machine countries. However, compared with other countries, my country's winding machine industry still has many shortcomings, and we need to improve our independent innovation capabilities and accelerate development.

    How to further improve the overall strength of the winding machine industry, the editor gives the following suggestions:

    1. Learn from foreign winding machine manufacturers, find out their shortcomings and make improvements based on their development, and create a brand with local reputation.

    2. Strengthen industry common technology research to provide necessary guarantee for the innovation and development of winding machine industry. At present, the research on common technologies in the food and winding machinery industries in my country is lagging behind, and there is a lack of effective systems and systems, as well as overall planning and guarantees. In order to strengthen the research and development of common technologies, some industry associations, enterprises and institutions called for and adopted positive measures.

    3. Improving the quality and efficiency of industrial development is an inherent requirement for transforming the economic development mode. At present, the export volume of food and winding machinery in my country is still very small, and it is also facing many pressures such as extensive economic growth, low product profit level, relative shortage of energy, and high environmental protection requirements. The winding machine industry has a long way to go. This requires intensified efforts to adjust the structure, transfer methods, and improve the level, speed up the improvement of product quality and efficiency, and attach importance to product technological innovation.

    4. The state should provide strong support and assistance. The innovation and development of any technology is inseparable from the application of talents. The country should vigorously promote the development of the winding machine industry and be able to send fresh "blood" into this industry to provide technical support for independent innovation.

    At the same time, the winding machine industry should start from its own, increase technological innovation, improve its own development, and bring itself closer to international industry standards.